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Are you looking for solutions to your company's human resources needs?
Take the advantages of working with Rider. Today more than ever, businesses are realizing the benefits of outsourcing for technical projects. We help businesses find the right people with the right skills to meet their changing needs. We offer Contract, Contract-To-Hire and Full-Time/Permanent placement of personnel to fit your requirements and work environment. Rider offers guidance with the complete job lifecycle from defining needs to providing rate negotiation and orientation to the chosen super candidate. Rider works with a fair and competitive rate schedule with higher quality to ensure complete satisfaction. Rider offers competitive wages and benefits to attract the best talent, and provide free training to thousands of temporary and contract employees each year to help America's growing demand for skilled workers.
Contract - “The Right Stuff”
Contract Services are a perfect solution for companies that experience frequent fluctuation in the need for technical resources. Whether your need is for one day, one month or more than a year, Rider can provide your company with interim help. With Contract Services, Rider and the company agree on an hourly bill rate and an expected duration of the contract. Once the contract is started, we will handle all HR functions including payroll generation and distribution, payroll tax withholding, state and federal reporting requirements and employer related insurance administration.
Contract-to-Hire - “Let’s Go Shopping”
Contract-to-Hire Services are very similar to Contract Services with the exception that it is normally the intention of the company to hire our candidate at some point in the future. Both your organization and the candidates are able to evaluate the potential opening. This process lowers the risk of turnover and ensures better hiring decisions. In today’s world, there is a lot to gain doing a contract-to-hire. The contract period is one long interview for your full-time opening, and the extended exposure to our consultant will help you determine whether he or she is the perfect fit. You work side-by-side with the candidate and make sure they bring the right skill sets and experience to your organization.
Full Time/Direct Hire - “Busy Business”
Direct Hire Services are a perfect solution for companies that need technical resources internally. If your need is for permanent staff, Rider can provide your company with the best available candidates in the marketplace. The bringing together of a job seeker and a prospective employer for the purpose of effecting a “Permanent“ employment relationship, for a fee. Also refers to the process of arranging such a relationship.
Rider has successfully provided services to its clients and the number of growing satisfactory clients is the measure of our success. We have a successful track record of delivering projects on time and on budget. Our reliability, cost effectiveness, comprehensive solutions, quick turnaround time, quality assurance, and experience have delivered solutions which have not only met but exceeded clients expectations. Strict confidentiality makes Rider the most sought after and trusted partner.
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